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Christmas is about giving, sharing, caring, loving and hope. This comes true to the more than 70 members of One Filipino Co-operative of BC (Filco-op) and Filco-op One Housing Society (OHS) who participated in the Ugnayan (Community Meeting)with MLA Mable Elmore on December 19, 2020.

Ugnayan means connection- in thoughts and meaning, of people or groups and connotes relationship. The evening of Ugnayan with MLA Mable Elmore was truly an epitome of this good-natured word. MLA Mable Elmore shared her mandates as Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors’ Services & Long-Term Care and the members in return expressed their concerns, opinions and suggestions for policy reforms, structural changes, and points of collaboration. The issues raised by members – fair wages and benefits, access to professional development, security of tenure, decent retirement benefits, and access to affordable house ownership or rental units were a microcosm of the challenges faced by millions of Filipino-Canadians, born or naturalized, and other Canadians across the country.

The group symbolically hand-over a petition paper entitled “We Earnestly Ask, We Earnestly Commit. A Petition to the Premier”. This was addressed to Hon. Premier John Horgan, through Mable Elmore, MLA.

The Ugnayan was emotionally exhilarating for those present - of being asked, heard, and engaged in a discussion on issues that matter to their hearts, dreams, and aspiration. We ended the evening with a toast to 2020 for the challenges, insights and the gift of a resilient community and spirit. We had a toast to 2021 for a year full of promises - of new beginnings, relationships and hope for the more than 500 members of the 2 organizations. It is indeed a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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