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Filco-operative One Housing Society (OHS) is a non-profit organization actively seeking various solutions to the housing affordability challenges faced by its members as well as by low-income and middle-class British Columbians.

It pursues this overarching goal by building partnerships, building membership engagement, and building capacity.

It aspires to reach this goal through community organizing, information-education-communication initiatives, asset acquisition and management, governance enhancement, networking, and advocacy.


To be a leading Canadian Filipino provider of affordable, sustainable, innovative, and inclusive housing solutions.


To build, operate and manage affordable housing for Canadian Filipinos in partnership with stakeholders.


  • To provide affordable housing market opportunities for its members as well as for eligible low income residents of BC

  • To develop, own, operate and enter into agreements as a non-profit housing operator of a BC Housing facility or a municipal housing as well as other cooperative housing providers.


It all started in 2010 when a group of immigrants to Canada established the first Filipino co -operative owned, operated, managed, and governed by the members - in British Columbia. One Filipino Cooperative of BC (Filco-op) was registered, on January 8, 2010, under the BC Cooperative Association Act.

Filco-op encouraged members to save, through their membership shares, which enabled them to borrow from the co-op the cash they need to buy basic necessities, send money home, consolidate other debts and purchase other goods and services to meet the family’s needs. In return, they earned dividends and patronage refunds at the end of Filco-op’s fiscal year.

In 2016, Filco-op set up a housing task force to recommend an appropriate response to the tightening availability, affordability, and accessibility of housing for low-income and middle-class British Columbians. 

Filco-operative One Housing Society (OHS) was registered on November 2, 2016, under the BC Society Act, to carry out an affordable housing initiative that will enable Filco-op’s over 500 members access affordable housing options available through existing and future social housing programs, services and funding at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. 

Since then, the housing society has engaged in building partnerships with potential sources of financing and technical assistance to build its first housing project; establishing connections with federal and provincial government agencies, housing sector non-profit organizations and advocacy groups; and enhancing the society’s capabilities for governance, membership growth and engagement, financial management and community advocacy.   





The Spirit of Bayanihan:
One Housing Society's Approach

One Housing Society’s approach to housing management and core competencies are inspired by the Filipino spirit of Bayanihan (cooperative endeavor). The society’s approach to housing management seeks to encourage the spirit of self-help in building and maintaining safe, affordable, inclusive and inspiring housing for its eligible members.

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